Public git repository over tor

This page will serve public and secure git repositories fully and only available via tor.

The clone and push url will behttp://rb564gvo6isyhayz.onion/<uuid>/ where uuid will be a random created and only known by the creator. I will not provide any way to recover lost uuid and the page will not list them.

To use this repo you have to use torify or sethttp.proxy to socks5h:// in your git repository. The later is more reliable.

Currently I have no planes to limit the space but that can change if it will be misused.

Although, it is not allowed to upload illegal stuff to this repository, I will not check it.

If a repository get no push after about a day I will delete the repository. If you want to have the repository deleted, add a tag (if you provided PGP key below, a signed tag) named delete_me. This will be ignored if the repository allows anonymous push and no key is provided.

If you provided an PGP key below, you can request some configuration inadmin branch. Documentation will come soon.

Further plans

When I have time to implement it, I will add an gitweb frontend.

Create a new repository

All values below can be left empty. But you cannot change them. Your uuid will be created randomly.

User for push:
Password for push (required if user name is not empty):
Tox address for emergency contact:
Email address for emergency contact:
PGP public key: